Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Royal Thunder is BACK!

I'm so excited that Royal Thunder is releasing its album, CVI, TODAY. The positive reviews are already everywhere on the internet and it's no surprise considering the greatness of the previous self-titled EP. They're one my favorite bands in the recent female psych/doom/stoner revival

Preview one song of the album just below!

Spread the word and support the band, xx

Saturday, 19 May 2012


This is just a random "fashion" article.

I just discovered Kapital and its amazing bandana collection. I needed six pictures to complete the collage so I just decided to put this w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l Fabergé ring instead. Simple internet users like me are not even allowed to know the price of this masterpiece...

I'm also pretty excited about this Olympia Le Tan bandana.

Another amazing brand for fancy scarves is Antagoniste. I discovered this company on the Mise En Cage E-store. It is super high quality and the patterns are very original.

If I win the lottery, I would definitely buy this beautiful and well executed Maison Martin Margiela shirt.

I'm not a fan of the Nasty Gal brand image but I do love this bag. I would never spend more than 100$ on it but still, it is really cool.

And since I'm totally in favor of total look, I would consider wearing those cute and simple Keds shoes.

I would never finish a fashion article without a pair of stilettos. So, here is a wonderful pair of shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. The shape is perfect and it would fit very well with this vintage black Gianni Versace skirt. More amazing GV vintage stuff here.

Stay evil and fabulous, xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Riot Grrrl Compilations

Thank you so much to Riot Grrrl Berlin for putting together 8 hours of good grrrly music for free. This is fucking awesome! You can grab everything by clicking here. There are 3 compilations at the moment but new ones will be published and the creators are opened for submissions!

Talking about rough girls, I've been told that Firefox: Confessions of a Girl Gang by Joyce Carol Oates is going to be adapted for the second time. Let's see if how the new version by Laurent Cantet will compete with the old one by Annette Haywood-Carter...

If you haven't seen the first version.. IT'S TIME!
Yeah I know, Angelina used to be so cool... sick sad world.

See you readers, xx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

She's a Punk Rocker U.K.

If you also spent your teen years singing to Rubella Ballet, The Expelled, Vice Squad or X-Ray Spex, looking for all the movies related to punk music, gathering information about female punk musicians from millions of websites... then you would be interested to watch this documentary made by the AMAZING Zillah Minx. It is available on the great website Culture Unplugged and it's a must see.

Synopsis: "She's a Punk Rocker U.K." is a documentary by and about punk rock women. Punk women changed the public face of females. It was very universally empowering for women. The story of punk could almost be a women's liberation story. Documentary director and punk rocker Zillah Minx reveals the true punk rock history from the women who were there. This documentary tells the story directly from the punk women who created the punk scene in UK. These are the punk women on the streets of the UK. Before the Sex Pistols appeared on TV and revealed an underground punk world, to the public. These are the women punks who shocked the world. This is their story of being punk told in an oral history format. The film features a multitude of famous women punk rockers.

The list of the people involved in the project is CRAZY: Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex, Vi Subversa of Poison Girls, Eve Libertine & Gee of Crass, Gaye Black of The Adverts, Michelle of Brigandage,Ruth & Janet of Hagar The Womb and journalists, authors and photographers Julie Burchill and Caroline Comb and more. This film includes interviews with the following women & rare footage of their 1980 s live punk gigs. Poly Styrene: Lead vocalist, X-Ray Spex. Gee Vaucher: Art Work, Crass. Eve Libertine: Vocals, Crass. Gay Black: Bass Player, The Adverts. Vi Subversa: Lead Vocalist & guitarist, Poison Girls. Julie Burchill. Author, Journalist. Lou Moon: Lead Vocalist, Evil I. Caroline Coon: Manager, Slits & The Clash, Journalist/Artist Zillah Minx: Lead Vocalist, Rubella Ballet Michelle: Lead Vocalist, Brigandage Helen Of Troy: Actress and Vocalist, FU2 Justine: Violinist, Grechen Hoffner Olga Orbit: Keyboards, Youth in Asia Nettie Baker: Author. Ruth & Janet: Vocalist & Guitarist, Hagar The Womb Rachel Minx: Bass player, Rubella Ballet Kara Minx: Child ballet dancer, Rubella ballet Mary: Bodyguard to Poly-Styrene.”

I also want to express my eternal love for Poly Styrene and Ari Up. They were and will always be a great source of inspiration. Amazing people.

Have fun readers, I go back to my first punk crush, xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Chromium Dumb Belle

I recently discovered the artist Chromium Dumb Belle and I absolutely LOVE her work. It is glamourous, dramatic, baroque and mysterious. I can feel the beauty and the mystical of Jules Cheret in her art. I'm so happy when I find passsionate people like her on the internet and I always take a chance to promote them. Her official website is currently under construction but you can have a look at her blogspot and her tumblr - beautiful pictures and great source of inspiration.

Recent work

 She kindly accepted to fill in a portrait chinois for my blog and here are the results:

- a fabric?

- a gesture/position?

- a negative feeling?

- a positive feeling?

- a color combination?
Black and gold, white and white... bloody reds with inky blues
- a brand? No thanks... neither as a company or the kind on someone's bottom or forehead...
- a precise date? The 12th of Never
- a historic period? Every day
- a school subject? Drama
- a performance artist? Kazuo Ohno

- a painter? Max Ernst

- a man?
Sergei Paradjanov

- a font?

- a taboo? So tricky

- a religious figure? By Leonor Fini

- a body part? Hands

- a forgotten object? I would forget what i was if i were a forgotten object
- a bad habit? All of them

- a piece of jewelry?

- a music video? Henry Cow - No More Songs

Thanks to Chromium Dumb Belle and see you readers, xx

Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance

Found on fuckyeahfemmes, Riot Acts is a documentary film by Madsen Minax about trans and gender variant musicians. AKA a TRANSFABULOUS ROCKUMENTARY. 
 Featured interviewees include Anderson Toone, Lipstick Conspiracy, Katastrophe and Trannysaurus Sex (San Francisco), Basic Fix (Portland), Ryder Richardson (Seattle), Tough Tough Skin, and Venus Demars (Minneapolis), Adhamh Roland (St. Louis), Ryka Aoki De La Cruz (Los Angeles), Jessica Xavier (Washington, DC), The Shondes and Novice Theory (Brooklyn, NY), The Degenerettes (Baltimore), Systyr Act (Boston), The Cliks (Toronto), and Coyote Grace (Sonoma County, CA).

"(Riot Acts) beautifully traces the meaning of 'transition' in terms of bodies, voice, humor and grace. A must see film!" Jack Halberstam, Author of In A Queer Time and Place and Female Masculinity

See you, xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pop Corn Session

Of course, we all love Ghost World. But come on, I was a goth kid and that's why I will always prefer Ginger Snaps. Freaks vs Popular girls, lycanthropy, neo metal ost, beautiful Katharine Isabelle... what's not to love?

Also, I love making lists and sharing them with my friends. So, here's my current "to watch list"... see the images, click on the numbers.

1 2 3 4 5 6

 Love you, xx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

RAD Alert

1. Vengeance & The Panther Queen led by the wild Tara McCormack. I came across that band this morning and was totally amazed. 4 pieces of in your face punk music below!

2.Black Moth whose album, Killing Jar, is out today is another awesome band to watch out. Beautiful and dark grunge/stoner music with a talented female vocalist. Also, they have a brilliant artwork made by
Vania Zouravliov

3. I just discovered Awakening: Females in Extreme Music, a 90's metal compilation featuring the great Runhild Gammelsaeter on its beautiful artwork. I can NEVER get enough of these ladies. Can be found here - the songs are not always good but still, it's interesting. By the way, if you like punk/metal and female vocalists, don't forget to check out this radio/podcast website owned by Lilith Von Fraumench.

4. Nothing new but, as a teenager, I was a HUGE Kittie fan. I listened to their first album a million times to be honest. I was so happy to see that a youtube user posted a 60 minutes doc about them from their DVD Spit in the eye. In case you want to turn back time... this is the right video. I am still looking for a Kittie tee shirt from the first/second album era.

5.I'm definitely looking for The Year of My Japanese Cousin featuring L7 bassist Janis Tanaka and 7 Year Bitch singer Selene Vigil. The film also starred Muffs drummer Chris Crass and Northwest rock engineer Kurt Bloch.

6. I hate hunting but I'm totally into those bands at the moment...

Bye readers!