Tuesday, 25 September 2012

♡ Heathers ♡

Ellie and Louise from Heathers kindly accepted to answer few questions for the blog. I feel really excited to post this interview as they are extremely talented and nice. Their new album Kingdom was released earlier this month so it's time to spread the word!

You’ve come a long way since the release of the first album in 2008. I’d like to know how you would sum up all the stuff that happened to you until now. What are the best memories that you keep in mind regarding the past four years?
It’s been an amazing 4 years. We both feel extremely lucky. We have had the opportunity to visit and play in so many incredible places and meet so many wonderful people. There are an awful lot of great memories but some would be, our release show for our first album Here, Not There, the two tours of America that we did with American band Ghost Mice, Recording our second album Kingdom.

I am totally and absolutely in love with the new album and especially two songs: Forget Me Knots and Flight. Could you please tell us a bit more about these two songs (lyrics, inspirations…)?
Forget me knots is probably one of the most important songs on the album. It’s a hopeful song and was written for a friend of ours who passed away 2 years ago when we were beginning to write the album.
Flight was one of those songs that were not going to be on the album and then we all changed our minds last minute. When we write songs we write the melodies first and then work on lyrics so initially we work with made up lyrics that don’t necessarily mean anything. For this song we kept those lyrics. I guess they still make sense to us. I think the meaning and feeling of this song especially comes through in the melodies and we didn’t want to lose it. I this song musically was inspired a little bit by Enya. We both adore her.

Who did the artwork of the album and how was it created? You generally use a lot of blue and purple. What do these colors evoke to you?

The artwork was done by New York based artist Stephen Hawlker. He is so fantastic. We did all of our two-ing and fro-ing over skype which was interesting. We wanted to create something that would illustrate what’s going on in the album and I think that the artwork does that exactly. It’s a little bit eerie and dark but uplifting at the same time. I think blues and purples and dark but calming colors. They’re very mysterious and then the red along side that is very direct and again dark. I think, in a way, the colors used represent the emotions felt in these songs.

I saw you did a Gaelic version of Remember When. Can you please tell us a bit more about it? What does it mean to you in terms of tradition and folklore?
Myself and Louise went to a Gaelic/ or Irish summer course when we were 17 and while we were there we translated one of our other songs into Irish. We’ve actually ended up mostly playing that song in Irish since then. We then had some help to translate Remember when into Irish too. The Irish language is a big part of our culture and tradition. As a child, in Ireland, we are brought up in school learning the language and, as with any language, it’s important to keep the motivation there for learning it and to keep it alive. Music can play such a huge part in this because it transcends language and cultural barriers.

Have you ever done music without each other? Do you feel like something crucial is happening when you work together?
We sometimes work on music separately but it is definitely different when we work together. We are able to be completely honest with each other and we know each other so well. I think that helps!

How does it feel to be covered on youtube
Aw, this is so lovely! It’s very surprising when we see people covering our songs. We get surprised to hear that people even listen to our music so this is just shocking. But it’s incredible! Always puts a smile on my face.

What are the plans for Heathers? Any collaboration?
The plan for the moment is to tour! We’re doing a tour of Ireland in the coming weeks and then we hope to get over to the UK, Europe and eventually the US and further afield. Also, writing bits of new music and possibly some collaborations. We’ll see what happens. We’re very excited to get going again anyway.

I would like to show you some videos and you are supposed to make a short comment on each of them!

Video 1: La Dispute - Such small hands
I’ve never heard La Dispute before. This is really cool! I feel sad listening to it. But in a nice way.Very powerful song.

Video 2: Bonfire Madigan
There’s something very haunting about this!

Video 3: Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments
Her voice is absolutely stunning. The video is really simple but gorgeous.

Video 4: The Jezabels
The Jezabels are a band I’ve heard lots about but have never heard. This song is amazing!! Hayley's voice is beautiful!

Video 5: Lovers Love Haters - Poison
We are liking this. The lead singer has a sweet, interesting voice. Nice video too.

Video 6: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II
We are big Arcade Fire fans, and this is by far one of our favorite songs. We got very excited when we clicked on this link. This is also probably one of our favorite music videos ever. Régine's movement and dancing in the video is mesmerizing!!!

Video 7: RVIVR: Edge of Living 
We're also big RVIVR fans & were delighted when we clicked on this link. We saw them play for the first time last year in London when we were recording 'Kingdom'. Love this song! Great band!

Last but not least I read on your Wikipedia that David Guetta would like to work with you. Is that true?!!
We were approached by David Guetta’s US A and R team who had heard ‘Forget me Knots’ on a US blog and they asked if we would be interested in trying to write for his new album. So we’re working away at the moment. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anything will come from it but it’s so great to be asked! We’ve always been interested in writing different types of music and for other people.

Thanks again girls, I wish you the VERY best for the future ♡
You deserve it ♡

See you readers, xxx!

Monday, 24 September 2012

News of the week Vol.4

In the Clothes Named Fat scans by Anno Moyoco

♡ For those of you who like Velvet Goldmine, Hedwig and the Angry Inch or Almost Famous... you should try Breakfast on Pluto by Neil Jordan. It's a really emotional politically-charged movie about a young gender troubled man who's going to go and explore London to find his mother who abandoned him at birth. The glam rock ost is great, the clothes are beautiful and the whole movie, even though it is a bit unequal, is pretty cool. By the way Neil Jordan is also the talented director of three worth watching movies, Butcher Boy, High Spirits and Mona Lisa.

♡ Talking about Hedwig, I haven't watched it in AGES and I still love that movie so much. The original soundtrack is fabulous, I love every second of it. Everytime I watch this movie, it's like injecting rock n roll straight into my brain. You finish it and you feel totally revitalized. Hedwig is John Cameron Mitchell's master stroke. Here's to Patti and Tina and Yoko, Aretha. And Nona and Nico and me. And all the strange rock and rollers. You know you're doing all right. So hold on to each other. You gotta hold on tonight ♪ ♫

All Ages The Boston Hardcore Film is a new documentary film that explores the early Boston Hardcore music scene from the years 1981 through 1984. The community, culture, straight edge and DIY (do it yourself) ethic of the time are all explored in the film. I have no idea about the quality and the interest of that documentary but I think I'll watch it soon.  

♡ If you like Cube and Pi, try and the Spanish movie Fermat's Room. It's a claustrophobic movie with mathematicians stuck in a room that is slowly closing in on them unless they solve a mysterious enigma. Not amazing, not bad... lots of good ideas to explore. What's going on in Spain?

♡ I have always loved Converge and the whole aura surrounding the band. I was really pleased to watch this interview of the Jacob Bannon during their last gig in Paris. He is so down to earth, clever, talented and humble. The interview made by the French webzine Pelecanus is very well done and beautifully edited. Also, it is illustrated with intense live videos. 

♡ Talking about great interviews, a friend of mine sent me this very cute interview of Royal Thunder made by two 11-year-old little girls. This was really well done too, the questions are excellent and the band was really enthusiastic. Royal Thunder is awesome and this was fun to watch.

♡ I have always loved the French actress Chiara Mastroianni. I can't wait to watch Carnages that was so difficult for me to find! I also want to watch Le Journal du Séducteur starring CM by the great Danièle Dubroux.

♡ I was totally hooked by Kentucky, the new Panopticon album, including some banjo elements. The use of this instrument in various musical genres is always very interesting. I recently found a new documentary about it... why not?

♡ I did not know that the underrated Amerie collaborated with the K-pop sensation 4Minute! Surprising and refreshing. I wanna see Dana International collaborating with 2NE1 and my life is complete.

♡ The new Deftones single is here! Here's a band that never disappointed me. They remain fucking amazing throughout the time. 

♡ I keep on listening The Butcher's Ballroom by Diablo Swing Orchestra. How come I never tried this band before? That album is a masterpiece!

♡ Talking about great musicians, I was finally able to listen to the new No Doubt album. It was a real emotional roller coaster for me! I went from "Oh it's a boring album!!" to "I love it!!". You really need to listen to the songs carefully to get into this new album imo. I think it misses one strong up tempo hit though. Undone, Heaven and Easy are my favorite ones at the moment. Don't miss the bonus tracks because the acoustic/live versions are really cool! I just don't really feel the El Mac artwork... a bit disappointing.

♡ I'm so in love with this performance by Alphabeat, such a nice 80's Cyndi Lauper style. The new album is on the way... wait and see. I hope it will be cheesy and cute as always!

♡ I've always been a huge fan of Paris is Burning and I love watching dance videos on youtube for hours... it always makes me feel happy haha. It's just crazy when you see all the energy that people put into it. I've been watching some Alloura videos and I am astonished when I look at her moving her body. There are so many girls that I could name but I also love the Legendary Leyomi whipping her hair. Check this youtube account for more.

♡ Movie on my "to watch" list: Brand Upon the Brain! by Guy Maddin.

Stay fabulous readers, xxx

Monday, 17 September 2012

News of the week Vol.3

Loving the Alberto Juan online Shop.

♡ I am currently going through a neo metal revival. I'm still totally moved when I listen to KoЯn debut album. It's so emotional and raw. Watching Jonathan Davis recording Daddy in the studio is so hard considering the meaning of the song... breathtaking. Talking about neo metal, you guys need to check The Human Abstract. The album called Digital Veil is a real treasure in the Deftones style.

♡ I totally forgot how much I loved Lords of Acid when I was a teenager. Lust, Voodoo-U and The Little Secrets... 3 albums that I really adored back in the days... sexy, trash, hot, vulgar and funny. The perfect mix to dance like crazy in your room. The first singer, now called Cherrie Blue, released a solo album in the style of LOA and TKK, maybe a bit more easy listening. But they ALL have done SO MANY stuff, it's just crazy and impossible to find/know everything! If you like them, you should also check Alice in Videoland

♡ The current line-up of the all star band Bomb Gang Girlz accompanying My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult just released a full length album and it seems really cool! You can find more information about both bands here. So many great girls were involved in BGG at some points: Carmen Marusich, Christina Petro, Jacky Blaque, Laura Gomel, Louanne Ponder, Lydia Lunch, Pepper Somerset, Rhonda Bond, Ruth McArdle, Sekret DeZyre, Shawn Christopher, Sinderella Pussie, Viva Nova... HOW COOL IS THAT? SUPER COOL! I love all star bands

♡ Do you remember Fatima's old school super hit Warm Eyes? Well, the lovely woman is back with an awesome song titled Phone Line. Don't miss it... she's gonna get big one day. 

♡ I found some old CD's in my room and I was really happy to listen to Munshy again. I loved this band when I was younger. The female singer, Faustine Berardo, is a talented person, a kind of mix between Portishead and KoЯr. Apparently, the singer released several decent albums with a new formation called Orchester.

♡ Did you guys listen to Cadaveria's album Horror Metal? To be honest, considering the artwork and the title of the album, I was not SO excited about it... but I was wrong it is an awesome album! You guys need to check this out asap!

♡ I just found one of the best music blog of the entire blogosphere: Nathannothinsez. Seriously, so MANY amazing stuff have been posted on that blog, it's just crazy. Times Square OST, Invisible Chains, The Geraldine Fibbers, Brainiacs, The Twits, Enigma Variations, Alley Cats, Frightwig, Sick F*cks, Pussy, Suckdolls, Retardos... AAAAAAH!!!!!!!

COUP DE COEUR OF THE WEEK: Death Ride '69 and everything related to that band!!!

♡ I have finally seen The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. The movie was really hard to watch, very emotional and moving. Mathieu Amalric is perfect as usual. The whole movie is a very beautiful ode to life. Sometimes it gets a bit cheesy with the very dramatic voices and the images of landscapes and all but, well, I loved it anyway. Plus, the music is really beautiful. I am a huge fan of Mathieu Amalric, imo he's the ultimate incarnation of the sexy French intellectual and sensitive man. My favorite movies starring MA are L'Histoire de Richard O., Rois et Reines and Comment je me suis disputé ma vie sexuelle.

I also watched Les Anges Exterminateurs by Jean-Claude Brisseau. Many people talked about it with me for the past years so I finally decided to try it. And I was pretty disappointed to be honest. The whole sexual thing of the movie is pretty boring, the philosophical stakes are not so interesting, the actors are not always convincing... I admit that some scenes are well directed and there is definitely something special about the atmosphere of the movie but I was not impressed.

♡ The surprise of the week was Breathing by Karl Markovics. It's a deep movie about an incarcerated young man, working at the morgue, who tries to build a new life to come to terms with the crime he committed. The actors are really good, the atmosphere is deep and moving. The story of the young man is quite emotional. I was really into that movie and thought about it the whole night after watching it.

♡ Another very VERY good surprise was the Danish movie Nothing's all bad by Mikkel Munch-Fals. This is a chorale movie (and an excellent one, which is quite unusual!) involving four different persons. They all can be considered more or less as misfits in the normative society but they end up finding something positive to link them. I loved it. It's a wonderful movie about loneliness, maybe one of the best I have ever seen dealing with this delicate subject. A MUST SEE.

♡ I'm currently reading Women of the Underground: Music - Cultural Innovators Speak for Themselves. This is an AMAZING book, it makes so happy to read what all these fabulous women have to say. It is very, VERY inspiring. Can't wait for the second volume about Women in Art to come out!

♡ To finish, I just found the documentary made by Ulrich Seidl called Models. I am very very excited so I wanted to it for you guys! 

Love you readers, xxx

Monday, 10 September 2012

News of the week Vol.2

Picture of the week: all the great books I borrowed at the library.

♡ I totally adore Julie Delpy. She's one of the smartest women on earth for sure. She's beautiful, clever and funny. I watched her on Au Coeur de la Nuit on Arte. I missed it on TV so I was really happy to find it online. I did not really care about his partner during the show to be honest. However, I discovered a short movie that she directed titled J'ai peur, j'ai mal, je meurs. If you want to see her acting in a short movie, try Notting Till Anxiety Festival taken from Guilty Hearts (the whole movie is quite boring but her fragment is nice and moving). Finally, I was really happy to see that Julie Delpy is a fan of the great Gustave Moreau... she visits the museum in Paris during the show. It was one of her main influences for her incredible movie La Comtesse.

♡ During the TV show, Julie Delpy also says that she lived in the same building as Sean Yseult from White Zombie. I have always loved her. She's so cool. She recently published a scrapbook compiling a lot of images from the early WZ era and all the gigs they did with awesome bands. The book is called I'm in the Band and it looks great. She seems to be a very nice and passionate person. It reminds me that I have always loved female bassists... Talena Atfield, Jennifer Finch, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Rayna Foss-Rose.

♡ Talking about female bassists, I recently saw that Janis Tanaka not only starred in the all star movie The Year of My Japanese Cousin but also in Live Freaky Die Freaky and Down and Out With Dolls. I'm really interested in watching the last one!

Juliette Lewis also participated to the Arte TV show. However, I have to admit that I'm less interested in Juliette nowadays. She used to be so crazy and super cool... but things have changed. I recently discovered the movie That Night starring JL by Craig Bolotin. It looks really cute and old school, I need to find this asap!

♡ Talking about Juliette Lewis, here is the underrated movie of the week: Hysterical Blindness. Starring JL and Uma Thurman, it is a pretty decent movie portraying the daily life of two best friends looking for love in the 80's.

♡ This week, I finally listened to the last Trance to the Sun record. It's a rarities & B sides album and it's really cool. If you already like them or darkwave in general, you'll love this release. Lots of dark and mesmerizing songs. If you are in the mood for gothic stuff and you want to dig Tess Records a bit more, you can have a look at this very affordable compilation. And if you are on the Projekt website, don't miss the second edition of their dark cabaret collection!

♡ Talking about good music, I saw few days ago that a documentary about Andrew Wood from Mother Love Bone came out. It's called Malfunkshun and it looks pretty awesome!

♡ I recently came across a documentary called FLicKeR. Initially, I was interested in it because I saw that Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Marianne Faithfull were interviewed but anyway. Here is a short description taken from Corpse.org: "Genesis Breyer P. Orridge is featured among notable figures discussing Brion Gysin's Dream Machine in the documentary film FLicKeR. The Dream Machine was/is a simple machine that uses light to create a trippy state of mind - that was the brainwave of artist/poet/mystic Brion Gysin. Gysin understood the movement of light and how it could contribute to altered states of mind, and FLicKeR is a documentary about his life and his work.Genesis was a friend and artistic collaborator with Gysin, they had a mutual friend in William Burroughs and all three were admirers of and befriended members of the legendary troupe of Moroccan trance musicians, The Master Musicians of Jajouka". I do think it is worth watching.

♡ This week, I listened a LOT to Big Eyes, a fantastic punk/garage rock band with a female vocalist. For fans of Screaming Females and The Muffs!

♡ I had no idea but Divorce released a video in 2012... How come I missed it, it's HOT as hell! Awesome video and song. Twisted and wicked... just what I wanted!

♡ My last music crush is Shrag. This band is wonderful. You guys need to check the album. It becomes quite unusual for me to find original post punk bands but this one is outstanding... with a remarkable female vocalist OF COURSE.

♡ I saw Snow White and the Huntsman... and I only liked the beginning of the movie. It was a real disappointment because I was convinced that I would like it...

♡ However, I really liked Louise Wimmer. A very strong and honest movie about the difficult daily life of a woman living in her car and struggling to earn money and keep up with her life. Powerful movie and amazing actress.

♡ I quite liked Twixt by Coppola. It's hard to have a real opinion about this movie because it mingles so many great stuff and ridiculous ideas. However, I found it somehow moving and appealing for the goth kid that I still am.

♡ I'm looking forward to watching Seaside by Julie Lopes-Curval. I did not have the time this week.

♡ Classic of the week would be Liquid Sky. It's always a pleasure to watch this marvelous movie.

♡ Finally, I watched Bambieffekten, a Norwegian curiosity dealing with two young girls who meet online with the common project to commit suicide... It's not the best movie I've seen about this subject but the actors are pretty good, the music is well chosen and the whole tension is well managed throughout the movie.

♡ I seriously love the new collection by Noctex. It's very Taylor Momsen but I adore the refined and delicate head jewelry.

Keep rocking and see you next week :)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

News of the week

It's September and it's time to begin a new collection of posts on my blog. Each week, I'm going to post an article with short presentations about stuff I've read/watched/listened to during the last 7 days.

Picture of the week: Nan Goldin because I'm totally obsessed with her work and because... she's wonderful.

♡ I am a big fan of the American stop-motion animation studio Laika. I love what they did on the adaptation of Coraline, the Neil Gaiman fantastic/gothic short novel. So, I was really excited to see the new Laika movie, ParaNorman. The movie is an absolute treasure. The animation is fabulous, the dark atmosphere is very well done and the story is catchy. But seriously half of the comments on the FB page come from angry and upset parents. They are all very scared... not because of the zombies in the movie... but because one of the characters happens to be gay. I can't believe people can be so narrow minded...

♡ I watched Dark Shadows by Tim Burton and it's one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. I'm actually very scared when I know he's supposed to adapt The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman! You'd better work a whole lot more Tim... you can't destroy that story. About Neil Gaiman, I just received and read Harlequin Valentine. The story is ok, the drawings/paintings are a bit disappointing but the cover artwork is wonderful.

♡ I'm tempted to try the Abarat collection by Clive Barker... I wonder how I've never heard about these books before. Sounds pretty good to me.

We Were Here is a documentary about the arrival and the impact of AIDS in San Francisco in the early 80's. You can imagine it's not an easy-watching documentary... it's hard, heartbreaking and very emotional. But it's very interesting and inspiring. I was really moved when I finished watching the doc.

♡ Back to school? Don't forget your amazing schoolbag by Fleet Ilya. Exquisite and refined goods to love.

♡ Have you checked the last Testament album? It's a great piece of old school trash metal. I love what they did covering Dragon Attack by Queen. Never liked Queen but I totally feel this cover.

♡ You like female artists and you love work made with passion and violence? You should get Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction: "A visceral look at the bizarre entanglement of destructive and creative forces, Live Through This is a collection of original stories, essays, artwork, and photography. It explores the use of art to survive abuse, incest, madness and depression, and the often deep-seated impulse toward self-destruction including cutting, eating disorders, and addiction. Taken together, these artful reflections offer an honest and hopeful journey through a woman's silent rage, through the power inherent in struggles with destruction, and the ensuing possibilities of transforming that burning force into the external release of art. With contributions by Nan Goldin, Bell Hooks, Patricia Smith, Cristy C. Road, Carol Queen, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Carolyn Gage, Eileen Myles, Fly, Diane DiMassa, Bonfire Madigan Shive, Inga Muscio, Kate Bornstein, Toni Blackman, Nicole Blackman, Silas Howard, Daphne Gottleib, and Stephanie Howell." Sounds awesoooooooome, don't you think?!

♡ Talking about Annie Sprinkle, she is part of a 45 minute documentary about the myth of the High School slut. Best Documentary' Winner of the Atlantic Film Festival, it is definitely worth watching. Oh and yes... Peaches is also interviewed. Good old Peaches, long time no see!

♡ I just read Master of Fashion Illustration and it's a very cool book to own. Lots of beautiful illustrations by great artists. My favorite ones are Erté, J.C. Leyendecker and Tony Viramontes. I just wish René Gruau was featured in the book though. By the way if you like illustrations, you NEED to visit Mydelineatedlife which is basically the best illustration blog I have ever visited. I am so glad I discovered George Stavrinos's work on this blog.

♡ I came across Do I look fat?, a documentary dealing with male anorexia. It is pretty unusual to find educational material about this neglected issue and there are some documents available on the website.

♡ I am totally in love with Hail Spirit Noir, an original progressive rock/black metal band mixing both music styles with an incredible talent. Hail spirit spirit noir... ♪ ♫

♡ A bit of glamour to conclude... the new Agent Provocateur collection has been revealed. The pictures are really disappointing but this product in particular grabs my attention.

See you next week readers!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pop Corn Session Vol.3

It's Saturday and I finally finished my master thesis... it means I can watch even more movies! Here is a selection of what I'm going to watch or re watch. See the pictures, clik on the numbers as usual.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

And since YouTube is going crazy and let people upload movies, do not miss the opportunity to watch one of my all favorite movies, Synecdoche, New York.

LGBT and friendly bookshop in Nice, France

If you ever come to Nice in France, don't miss the great LGBT and friendly oriented bookshop Vigna. It is very easy to locate in the city center and you will find a LOT of very good references there! The library is run by two nice ladies (who like to talk about their books!) and it's open on Friday and Saturday from 2pm to 6.30pm. They would love to recommend affordable popular or rare books to you... whether you're into pro sex feminism, lgbt classics or edgy art books for example! They also take part in the LGBT cultural life of the city with exhibitions and film projections.

I asked them to talk a little bit about some of their favorite books. It's in French but anyway you can catch some names to google ;)

Le premier livre qui me vient à l’esprit n'est pas une fiction, c’est le Dictionnaire des cultures gays et lesbiennes dirigé par Didier Éribon : une source formidable, un recours pour vérifier une info ou creuser un sujet. Bien sûr, il y a des lacunes et il mériterait d’être révisé (il est paru en 2004), afin de donner leur place ou nouveaux/nouvelles protagonistes des cultures homosexuelles, mais quel incomparable outil ! C’est un livre qui nous a encouragées dans notre projet de librairie spécialisée : oui les cultures homosexuelles existent, elles méritent d’être approfondies, connues et développées et elles concernent tout le monde. Les livres qui s’y rapportent sont précieux ; je citerai encore La culture gaie et lesbienne d’Anne et Marine Rambach, qui revient sur l’histoire récente, le militantisme gai et lesbien, et les combats toujours à mener pour les droits humains.

J’ai pensé ensuite à un poète américain Joe Brainard (1941-1994), dont j’ai tellement aimé le livre I remember, et qui n’est guère connu en France. I remember, c’est pourtant le modèle américain qui a inspiré Georges Perec pour Je me souviens, une variation impressionniste sur les mille bricoles dont on se rappelle et qui forment le tissu chatoyant du passé collectif et intime. Un jeu auquel on participe volontiers – je m’en souviens aussi ou non ce n’était pas comme ça pour moi – et qui distille une nostalgie puissante, traversée d’humour, le tout en version gay pour Brainard.

Remontant le fil de mes enthousiasmes littéraires, je me souviens (à mon tour) d’avoir cherché lorsque j’étais plus jeune des fictions où me reconnaître. Un petit livre m’a troublée et émue alors: Olivia par Olivia (c’est le pseudonyme de Dorothy Bussy, la sœur de Lytton Strachey et une grande amie de Gide). Son charme ne m’a pas déçue à la relecture. Olivia évoque l’atmosphère fiévreuse et passionnée d’un pensionnat de jeunes filles au début du XXème siècle. La narratrice revient sur son passé quand, élève de l'école, elle est tombée amoureuse de la charismatique directrice qui entretenait une relation chaotique mais toujours étroite avec son associée. Ça finit mal et c’est très bien. Évidemment l’histoire, son ambiance, ses protagonistes rappellent un tas d’autres ouvrages depuis Claudine à l’école de Colette en passant par Jeunes filles en uniforme de Christa Winsloe (1934), Thérèse et Isabelle de Violette Leduc ou encore plus récemment L’hymne aux murènes de Mireille Best. Le pensionnat de jeunes filles est longtemps resté une valeur sûre de l’imaginaire lesbien...

Mais l’imaginaire lesbien ne se limite pas à la description – si émouvante soit-elle - des troubles de l’adolescence. Gabrielle Wittkop, née en 1920, morte en 2002, laisse une œuvre transgressive, sulfureuse, mêlant morbidité et érotisme sadien dans une langue magnifique, baroque et classique. Personnellement j’ai beaucoup aimé La marchande d’enfants, un roman fascinant qui évoque avec cynisme les difficultés professionnelles d’une maquerelle à laquelle une consœur anglaise propose quelques conseils, le tout à la veille de la révolution de 1789.

Dans un tout autre ordre d’idée (l’éclectisme est le maître mot de la bouquinerie) j’ai lu récemment L’accompagnement de René de Ceccaty (1994), un court récit très émouvant sur la mort de son ami Gilles Barbedette, auprès duquel il est demeuré jusqu’au bout. Gilles Barbedette (son nom n’est jamais cité dans le livre, mais une courte recherche m’a appris qu’il s’agissait de lui) était un jeune écrivain beau et talentueux fauché par le Sida. On lui doit entre autre une histoire du Paris gay 1925, écrit en collaboration avec Michel Carassou, et qui fait toujours autorité. Ceccaty n’était pas son amant mais son ami, choisi par Barbedette pour être près de lui. Témoin toujours lucide, Ceccaty donne un texte sans pathos qui évoque les soignants lâches ou héroïques, la maladie implacable, les couples réclamant le respect de leur lien. Cela n’est pas sans rapport avec d’autres beaux livres : La symphonie des adieux d’Edmund White ou Ce sont amis que le vent emporte d’Yves Navarre.

C’est un exercice un peu frustrant que de présenter quelques livres, et au moment de conclure, je regrette de n’avoir pas évoqué les Grandes espérances de Kathy Acker, pionnière de la contre culture américaine, féministe punk et pro porn -, Nicolas Pages de Guillaume Dustan, controversé et si novateur, ou encore Hotel Bristol New York, N.Y de Michel Tremblay, un bijou d’humour et d’émotion…

Les livres qu’on aime, on oublie quelquefois qu’on les aime pour leur en préférer de nouveaux, plus récents ou redécouverts. À cet égard, la librairie c’est mieux qu’une pâtisserie pour un gourmand !

Don't hesitate to like the Facebook page and visit the bookshop if you come to the South of France sometimes!

xxx, see you readers!