Thursday, 28 March 2013

Womeninspiration Vol.7 - Marie Davidson ♥

Artwork by Francesco De Gallo

Les momies de Palerme, DKMD, Les Sirènes, Essaie pas... you are involved in a lot of musical projects. Please tell us a bit more about the most significant ones and how they contribute to your artistic fulfillment?

I met with Xarah Dion in 2006, we instantly decided to form Les momies de Palerme after improvising on night at La Brique, the space where we composed most of our music. From the beginning, we had a very intense dialogue using any instrument we could find from keyboards to electric guitars, and drums. After a year of improvisation we refined our music and came up with songs based around processed synths, violin and voices. Two records were released from this project; the self released L’amour sincere†
and Brulez ce cœur, out on Constellation Records. Later in 2010, I met David Kristian who is the other half of DKMD. David is an amazing sound designer who taught me a lot about processing, drum programming and most of all, made me fall in love with sequencers witch play a major role in the making of my solo project. In the last year DKMD went from classic Disco (On The Other Side EP out on Fur Trade Records) to Electro with a touch of Italo Horror (our Sacrificio EP will be released on the Italian label J.A.M. Traxx this summer). David and I also have a side project called Hotel Monochrome that brings us out of the dancefloor style to something more introspective and trippy, this is where I learned how to make music with only electronic gear.  Essaie pas is a band that changed form and style many times since its inception, and now involves Pierre Guerineau and I. Within this project, we try to give birth to sensual music everytime we meet to collaborate (The Tout est jeune EP sold out, more music to come in the next year). Pierre’s skills were also very useful when I recorded the voices and he also did the final mixes on my own EP.

What first motivated you to release a solo album and how did your approach to producing music differ to working in a band?
In 2012, I went into depression. I started my solo project to escape from some obsessive thoughts that were bringing me down, in order to fill my head with sounds instead of ideas. It was really hard at first because I had never worked on my own; I had trouble figuring some of my new gear and I had doubts I could come up with something interesting. After a few months of work I played my first solo show and people were really enthusiastic about it, so I decided to post my "first songs" on bandcamp. That’s how the solo EP ended up online...

Picture by Darren Ell

What's the story behind the artwork?

Science Fiction is something which inspires me a lot; I like the aesthetic related to it. Everytime I would think about album covers for this project, I would see some kind of photograph in my head but I didn’t know how to put it in words, so I asked my friend Francesco De Gallo (Hobo Cult
tapes) to take a picture of me and to do anything that would make it look sci-fi. I knew I could trust him because he always comes up with great artwork for tapes. I’m very happy with the results.

You are both a poet and a musician. To what extent are these two fields connected in your art?
I’ve always liked poetry but sounds and harmonies are more vital to me. I write poetry to put words on sounds I want to hear in my music. I also use poetry to communicate things I would not dare, or be able to say in everyday life.

Who are your favorite musicians and poets? Would you consider putting someone else's words into music?
My favorite musician is Klaus Schulze. My favorite poet is Charles Bukowski. It’s funny that you ask, because working with Essaie pas, we’ve already put in music two of his poems. Il faut on our first EP in French translation and "514-376-9230" is some kind of collage of sentences I chose from Love is a Dog From Hell.

Since your art is mainly based on emotions, do you feel like it has a cathartic effect on you?
 Yes, music saved my life. It’s more than cathartic, it’s the best thing that happens to me every week.

Picture by David Vilder
How was it to work with Matana Roberts? I just discovered her but she seems amazing!

Matana is a very talented and generous musician. I loved working with her and the whole Coin Coin band.

How's the local scene in Montreal? Which bands would you recommend?
Montreal scene is very alive. You can find many bands or projects for almost every type of music. We just don’t have enough night clubs and after hours where good DJs want to make you dance all night; it’s mostly venues or DIY spaces. As a recommendation I would name Bataille Solaire, this is the solo project of Asael Robitaille, who plays guitar for Jef Barbara and Femminielli. It’s crazy electronic music made from synths and software, with beautiful touches of Kosmische and world music.

I’m gonna send you several videos and I would like you to tell me what you think in few words
Video 1: Kathy Acker interviews William S. Burroughs
I like William Burroughs but I find this interview a bit boring.

Video 2: Nini Raviolette - Suis-Je Normale?
Nini Raviolette, I’ve first heard this song when I was 19, but never really knew who it was. The lyrics are so good, the video is . . . shifty. Or in French I would say "louche"...

Video 3:
Christina Aguilera - Birds of prey
Woaw ! Christina?! It sounds like a mix of Disco and Garbage (the band). Not too sure about this one...

Video 4: DEUX - Paris Orly
I love Deux! They are a great inspiration for me. The song Games and Performance once made me cry.

Video 5: Pink Industry - What I Wouldn't Give 
This is beautiful!

Thank you very much Marie!
Wish you the best

See you readers!  

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Whatta Man ♪♫

Just a pointless post because I love all these versions...

See you readers!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Ctrl + F "Female"

Hi readers!

This article is officially sponsored by the amazing blog Elementary Revolt. From time to time, I love visiting ER because they ALWAYS have so much good music. It is hard to keep up with all the releases but they do a crazy work with this blog. Hereafter is a short selection for you... only female fronted or male/female fronted bands as you can imagine ;)

If you are in a poppy mood, you can also dl the new Neon Hitch EP for free on her official website. 

Love, xxx

Friday, 1 March 2013

La Face Cachée - Music shop - Metz, France

I decided to interview my friend Florian Schall (one of the most interesting, open-minded and nice guys I have met on the internet) in order to promote the music shop he works in, La Face Cachée in Metz (France). The interview will be in French but they have a huge and eclectic selection available worldwide on Discogs.

Le concept est simple... on est au comptoir de La Face Cachée... des clients viennent parler à Florian...

«Bonjour! Voilà mon fils adore le groupe « Iron Maiden ». C’est son anniversaire alors j’aimerais bien lui faire cadeau d’un vinyle. Vous me conseillez quoi? Vous faîtes les paquets cadeau?»
« Et bien justement, je viens de rentrer une copie en parfaite état du Live At Donington. Si votre fils est fan de la Vierge de Fer, je pense que ce disque saura le combler ! Nous n'avons malheureusement pas de papier cadeau mais je vais vous l'emballer dans un carton d'expédition (avec un petit dessin d'Eddie, je suis sûr que ça lui fera plaisir).»

«Bonjour! J’organise une messe noire samedi soir. Je viens en quête d’inspiration pour l’ambiance musicale…»
«Ca tombe bien, samedi matin je reçois la réédition du Second Annual Report de THROBBING GRISTLE. La vie est vraiment bien faite.»

«Bonjour! C’est la fête de ma mère ce week end et elle adore Bashung. Vous me conseillez quoi dans le genre?»
«Je vous conseille de jeter une oreille au premier album de JEAN ELLIOT SENIOR intitulé Ballade Sauvage. On traîne là sur les terres de la vraie bonne chanson française, celle nourrie à la pop des années 70 et au rock des années 80. Plus léger que Bashung mais tout aussi marquant !»

«C’est toi qui tient Records are better than people ? T’es pas sérieux à propos de Katy Perry?!»
(Je ne dis rien, je soulève seulement mon pull pour le laisser entrevoir mon t-shirt.)

Pictures by Jennie Z
«J’adore la BO de American Pie. Vous avez quoi dans ce style?»
«La BO de Ten Things I Hate About You (le film qui a révélé Heath Ledger au grand public). En plus d'être un excellent teen movie, sa musique défonce. Et puis LETTERS TO CLEO y reprend le I Want You To Want Me de CHEAP TRICK...»

«Ma copine adore le trucs rock indie. C’est quoi le dernier truc bien racoleur qui soit sorti susceptible de lui plaire? Bon vu qu’elle va l’écouter avec moi faut quand même que ce soit pas mal…»
«Par définition, le rock indé c'est racoleur. Mais si tu veux un truc moins racoleur que la moyenne, je te conseille le dernier REIZIGER (et plus ça rime, en plus).»

«Je suis dégoûté The Devil’s Blood a splité. T’as pas un truc en stock dans le même genre… je manque de female occult rock!»
«Evite SEREMONIA, replonge toi dans la discographie de COVEN, écoute le Three & Seven d'OCCULTATION et surtout prie pour que BLOOD CEREMONY ressorte un album.»

«J’ai trouvé une nana qui a des vinyles de Miles Davis accrochés au mur chez elle. Je voudrais laisser traîner un truc bien pointu et cool sur ma table basse quand je l’inviterai pour faire genre. Tu me conseilles quoi?»
«Un pressage original d'Empyrean Isles d'HERBIE HANCOCK. C'est pas très pointu mais y'a moyen qu'elle tombe amoureuse de toi rien qu'en voyant ça sur ta table.»

Pictures by Jennie Z
«Bonjour! Mon colocataire enchaîne Pig Destroyer et Napalm Death toute la journée. Tu me conseilles quoi de bien doux et sucré pour le faire rager?»
«Un crossover PINK / NICKI MINAJ me paraît de circonstance...»

«Ouais moi tu vois j’adore la musique underground tchèque de 1980 à 1982. Tu n’as rien dans ce style?»
«Veinard, on vient de rentrer le DISCOGRAPHY OF EASTERN EUROPEAN PUNK MUSIC 1977-1999 sorti par Tien An Men 89. C'est pas un disque, c'est un livre. Mais ça devrait te donner quelques idées de skeuds à commander chez nous!»

«Je cherche… vous savez ce groupe un peu post punk… un peu déprimant… y’a une chanson ça fait « love » et « sadness » quelque chose ? Vous devez voir quand même?!»

Pictures by Jennie Z
«Salut ! J’adore Christina Aguilera, Enslaved et Bauhaus. Des suggestions?»
 «You can't go wrong with Gaga», comme on dit.

«J’ai trois cadeaux à faire. Je voudrais trois vinyles : le premier doit avoir une pochette rouge, le second une pochette blanche et le troisième une pochette violette. Vous avez ça?»
«Le Rot de CONRAD SCHNITZLER, le White Album des BEATLES et un Very Best Of de DEPP PURPLE!»

«Tu t’es mis quoi de côté ce mois-ci Florian?»
«Je viens de choper le pressage américain de la BO de Maniac chez Varèse. J'ai pas réfléchi, quand je l'ai vu arriver dans un lot, je l'ai pris.»

«Je veux prendre une photo de toi avec ton vinyle préféré du moment?» 
Lover - Natali Kaufmann

See you readers!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

X-Ray Spex : Who is Poly Styrene?

You all probably know my eternal love for Poly Styrene. She was so cool and stylish. I felt deeply affected when I heard about her death. I will always remember her as a key figure of the punk movement and a talented inspirational artist. 

I just found a documentary about her on youtube (thank you irvgar) and a very rare early interview back in 77' (thank you Classic Music Videos 1970s). I haven't watched them yet but I couldn't resist posting them immediately!

Also, there is this great 45 grave live video and this amazing documentary featuring The Slits and Girlschool among others on irvgar's youtube account. 

Have fun, stay punk and listen to RVIVR, xxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Womeninspiration Vol.6

Nicole & Maria are Ragana. They play an amazing mix of sludge, post (black) metal and emotional music. It's heavy as hell. I am totally in love with their latest album Unbecoming that you can stream below. Don't hesitate to visit their bandcamp for more music and merch. Try this if you like Royal Thunder, Kylesa or early Babes in Toyland!

See you readers!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Serge Lutens ♥

If you also love Serge Lutens perfumes (who wouldn't!), don't hesitate to request free samples from the customer service. They send it quickly in a very nice black envelope... a wonderful free treat! I use Féminité du Bois everyday and I love it but it's always nice to try something different. I don't know if it works out of France though. Also, if you happen to be in Paris don't miss the small yet beautiful shop in Palais Royal.

Love, xxx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Womeninspiration Vol.5 (RIP)

Anet Mook - Cay (19?? - 2011)
Poly Styrene - Marianne Joan Elliott-Said (3 July 1957 – 25 April 2011)
Natasha Shneider (May 22, 1956 – July 2, 2008)
Wendy O. Williams - (May 28, 1949 – April 6, 1998)
Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001)
Left Eye - Lisa Nicole Lopes (May 27, 1971 – April 25, 2002)

I think about you my girls.

If you don't know Cay already, it's about time!

Love, xxx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Wake Up! A Profile of Positive Force

I was reading my new favorite book Girls To The Front by Sara Marcus when I saw mentioned Wake Up! A Profile of Positive Force. I definitely think that some of you would like this!

Wake Up! Is a documentary about the Washington DC based punk activist group Positive Force. This film was made in 1991 by David Weinstein. It features local activists, bands and labels such as Fugazi, Jawbox, Jenny Toomey, Simple Machines, Tsunami, The Ex and more...

Also for those interested in documentaries, don't miss Docs & Socks, a blog that gathers a LOT of great videos.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Pop Corn Session Vol.5

Be afraid... be very afraid... some horror movies for the week end!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

♪ ♫ Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd you get them peepers? Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd you get those eyes?
♪ ♫

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Betty Blowtorch: And Her Amazing True Life Adventures

I've been dying to watch Betty Blowtorch: And Her Amazing True Life Adventures by Antonia Scarpa. I am VERY happy I finally found it on youtube. I can't believe the whole doc is available for free! Betty Blowtorch may be the most underrated band in the history of music. I hardly ever saw them mentioned anywhere and that's a SHAME.

The documentary tells the story of the band (from Butt Trumpet to Betty Blowtorch) and ends with a dramatic note with the death of the lead singer Bianca - RIP :'(

Don't miss it, really! It offers an amazing insight to discover this band and some of their best songs: Hell on Wheels, Love/Hate, I'm Ugly...

Love, xxx

Monday, 28 January 2013

Jobriath A.D. by Kieran Turner

Kieran Turner (who, according to IMDb, took part in the creation of Vito and I am Divine) recently released its documentary about the first openly gay rock star Jobriath.

Official description from the press kit: “The American Bowie,” “The True Fairy of Rock & Roll,” “Hype of the Year.” Known as the first openly gay rock star, Jobriath’s legacy delves deeper than the labels hung upon him. His reign was brief—two years and two albums. Sabotaged by a publicity machine run amok, shunned by the gay community and dismissed by critics, Jobriath was excommunicated from the music business, and became an early casualty of AIDS. Now new generations of fans have discovered him through acts like The Pet Shop Boys, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Siouxsie Sioux, and Morrissey, all of whom cite Jobriath as a groundbreaking influence. Through interviews, archival material and animation, experience the heartbreaking, unbelievable story of the one, the only, Jobriath.

Sounds pretty good, don't you think? Don't miss it if you have any interest in glam rock, glitter and pop culture.

Love, xxx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Womeninspiration Vol.4 (RIP)

The amazing Eiko Ishioka passed away 1 year ago. I just wanted to express all my love and respect for her with this humble tribute article. Below are various personal scans I made from this book.

  May You Rest In Peace, Love.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

♥ The Jawbreaker Diaries ♥

WAY before Tumblr made it so popular, Jawbreaker was already one of the greatest dark teen movies. Everything is put together to make it a cult movie including a final memorable scene with a GORGEOUS Rose McGowan that will be forgotten. Here are the Jawbreaker Diaries (rare behind-the-scenes footage from the movie featuring, among others, The Donnas!) that I just found on youtube. Thank you filmsorcery for posting these videos!

Love, xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Handmade new artworks

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your time and interest. I wish you a wonderful new year 2013.

I guess some of you wonder why this blog has been neglected during the month of december? To be honest with you, I was busy working on a new artwork collection.

I'm going back with new articles soon but, for now on, here are some of my new creations!

See you readers!