Wednesday, 27 February 2013

X-Ray Spex : Who is Poly Styrene?

You all probably know my eternal love for Poly Styrene. She was so cool and stylish. I felt deeply affected when I heard about her death. I will always remember her as a key figure of the punk movement and a talented inspirational artist. 

I just found a documentary about her on youtube (thank you irvgar) and a very rare early interview back in 77' (thank you Classic Music Videos 1970s). I haven't watched them yet but I couldn't resist posting them immediately!

Also, there is this great 45 grave live video and this amazing documentary featuring The Slits and Girlschool among others on irvgar's youtube account. 

Have fun, stay punk and listen to RVIVR, xxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Womeninspiration Vol.6

Nicole & Maria are Ragana. They play an amazing mix of sludge, post (black) metal and emotional music. It's heavy as hell. I am totally in love with their latest album Unbecoming that you can stream below. Don't hesitate to visit their bandcamp for more music and merch. Try this if you like Royal Thunder, Kylesa or early Babes in Toyland!

See you readers!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Serge Lutens ♥

If you also love Serge Lutens perfumes (who wouldn't!), don't hesitate to request free samples from the customer service. They send it quickly in a very nice black envelope... a wonderful free treat! I use Féminité du Bois everyday and I love it but it's always nice to try something different. I don't know if it works out of France though. Also, if you happen to be in Paris don't miss the small yet beautiful shop in Palais Royal.

Love, xxx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Womeninspiration Vol.5 (RIP)

Anet Mook - Cay (19?? - 2011)
Poly Styrene - Marianne Joan Elliott-Said (3 July 1957 – 25 April 2011)
Natasha Shneider (May 22, 1956 – July 2, 2008)
Wendy O. Williams - (May 28, 1949 – April 6, 1998)
Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001)
Left Eye - Lisa Nicole Lopes (May 27, 1971 – April 25, 2002)

I think about you my girls.

If you don't know Cay already, it's about time!

Love, xxx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Wake Up! A Profile of Positive Force

I was reading my new favorite book Girls To The Front by Sara Marcus when I saw mentioned Wake Up! A Profile of Positive Force. I definitely think that some of you would like this!

Wake Up! Is a documentary about the Washington DC based punk activist group Positive Force. This film was made in 1991 by David Weinstein. It features local activists, bands and labels such as Fugazi, Jawbox, Jenny Toomey, Simple Machines, Tsunami, The Ex and more...

Also for those interested in documentaries, don't miss Docs & Socks, a blog that gathers a LOT of great videos.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Pop Corn Session Vol.5

Be afraid... be very afraid... some horror movies for the week end!

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